What can hand vein removal do for you?

It’s True That You Can Judge a Woman’s Age by Her Hands.

Distended or bulging hand veins can make your hands look old and tired. But now there is an office-based, stitchless procedure that can remove these unsightly veins and restore them to their youthful appearance. An initial consultation with the vein specialist will determine if you are a candidate.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with just a few mini-injections into the skin. The vein specialist uses a tiny blade (the same one eye surgeons use for the eye!) to make minute incisions over the ugly veins. These veins have no pain fibers so they can be painlessly removed. The incisions are so minimal that they do not require any stitches to close.

Steristrips and Band-Aids are applied and a custom glove is used as the dressing. This has to be worn continuously for three days and must be kept dry, but full hand motion is encouraged. Most patients will not require any post procedural analgesics.

What should I expect after the procedure?

For the first one to two weeks there will be some bruising and mild swelling but this rapidly fades leaving the hands looking young again. Naturally, as with any procedure, complications can occur including permanent numbness or swelling and unsightly scars, but these are very infrequent.

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