Vascular Lab

Our vascular lab can non-invasively and without needles or pain diagnose all arterial and venous diseases. Our experienced vascular lab staff includes seven registered vascular technologists.

We are proud to have been the first vascular laboratory in Sarasota to be certified by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories. Our lab was also featured as the gold standard facility by ABC Television’s Prime Time when it evaluated vascular labs in Florida. We have over $500,000 invested in our state-of-the-art GE Ultrasound scan machines as well as our Unetix physiological units. Our facility also developed the AtriumNet software program for rapid reporting of results.


Last year, we performed nearly 15,000 vascular lab studies in our office.  Studies we perform include ultrasound evaluation of the blood vessels in the neck, arms, legs and stomach.  We evaluate dialysis access with ultrasound.  We also perform physiologic studies of the legs, determining if there is adequate blood flow to the feet.  Finally, as an IAC accredited Vein Center, we perform detailed examination of varicose veins in the leg.

Not only does our vascular lab diagnose vascular problems, we also screen for vascular disease.  We offer a thorough vascular screening exam for $99.  The exam includes an evaluation of the carotid arteries for narrowing, abdominal aorta for aneurysm, and decreased blood flow to the legs (ABI).  This is a very quick and effective way to determining if you have a vascular problem in any of those areas.

Our Team

  • Yoemy Barrios, RVT
  • Kerri Ricci, RVT
  • Leanne Coles, RVT
  • Pedro Perez, RDMS, RVT
  • Elizabeth Wall-Wright, RVT
  • Heather Collins, RVT
  • Rachel Wolf, RVT
  • Andrew Hart, RVT

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